Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My month

I was sitting here trying to think of what I have spent this month and then realized that this month is almost over! I was worried that I had gone over my $350 a month because I spent $160 at Walmart last Sat. I still have to blog about my trips this month and I only have just over a week left in the month.

The good news is our income tax refund will be in this week. Bad news is it is almost completely spent before I get it. Dh wants to get a new laptop so we can stop fighting over this one. I want new sheets and we need a new mattress cover. I figure since I haven't bought new sheets in 5 years, I was entitled to some.

So tomorrow I will sit down and blog about my shopping this month to date. I am sure I still have the reciepts in my purse since I never clean it out.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Will's birthday party

Will turns 3 next week! He has been so excited about his birthday for almost a month. This year he first wanted a Mickey Mouse party.... then I showed him the plates that were in my party box. This is a box of party supplies left over from previous parties. Four years ago Kaitlyn had a firetruck party. I found party supplies in a party store on clearance. I paid $25.00 for a box of firetruck party supplies. There were enough plates, cups, hats, and invitations in the box for at least three parties. Kaitlyn got her party 4 years ago. Now it is Will's turn.

So on Sunday, I will put out the firetruck plates, cups, and napkins. I will gather the kids together and let them play with the party hats. I will light candles on a cake made by my mom in a fire fighter cake pan I bought 4 years ago. And the cost of the party will be the cake mix, and the koolaid mixes.... and of course his present from us.

The best thing about the party is that is costing me next to nothing!