Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new challenge!

Kelly from Faithful Provisions posted about eating from your pantry challenge. The challenge is to eat from your pantry for the entire month of January. I'm not sure if I can do it for the entire month but I am willing to try it to clean out my pantry of those foods about to expire.

So I am going to do this challenge with a spin to it. I don't have alot of meats in the freezer so I will need to pick up some meat through out the month. I do have lots of side items in the pantry that need to be used.

I pray that I can do this. Also we tend to eat alot of heat and serve foods... chicken nuggets and fish sticks being the kids faves... but my plan is to put a stop to alot of it this month.

Upset with myself

I sat down tonight to sort through what was left of my coupons.... you see, I stopped using coupons for about 6 months.... why you ask.... because I got lazy! And as I was sorting through the coupons that are still good, I find one for the rolls that I bought Sunday. If I had that coupon with me, I could have saved $1 off the rolls that coat me $2.60 a package.

So tonight I am vowing to get back into coupons. I can't imagine how much money I could have saved if I had continued to use coupons.