Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March... the first 10 days.....

The first 10 days of March have been busy for our family. Kaitlyn is having a birthday party this coming weekend and Don and I went to the mountains this past weekend. My shopping lately has reflected all of this.

I am not going to break my trips down completely, just post where and when and how much. I will work on posting better from now on.

March 1:

trans #1: Spent $12.10 saved $9.43 plus $2.56 with store discount (thanks to my dear hubby!)
trans #2: spent $42.97 saved $21.07 plus $11.22 store discount
trans #3: spent $38.61 saved $27.98 plus $8.06 store discount.

Total spent $93.68 OUCH! But saved $80.32
Don decided he needed new replacement heads for his razor and those were $25. We also stocked up on Zyrtec since I could get a RR from it. Those three items alone were $58.

March 6:
returned the replacement heads that Don got earlier because they were the wrong ones.
trans #1: returned razor heads and bought J&J baby products for my (former) step daughter who is expecting.
Spent $0.74 saved $8.75
trans #2: spent $0.62 saved #11.80

Bought food for trip along with snacks for Girl scouts (cupcake cake for Kaitlyn's birthday)
Spent $51.73 No coupons used :(

March 7:
Spent $15.59 saved $15.30 I forgot my comb and brush so I had to run to the store to get new ones... and then bought flip flops while there.

March 9:
Spent $82.30 No coupons here again... but I bought shoes and clothes for the kids mainly here. Not alot of this was food. I won't be counting this toward my monthly budget.

Trans #1: spent $22.70 saved $13.97 this is mainly pullups for Will but I did get diapers for Cecilia
Trans #2: spent $15.53 saved $20.47 this was all diapers for Cecilia.

total spent in the first 10 days: $200.59. YIKES! That is almost my entire budget. I realize that this month is not my normal since we did have a trip and birthday. Kaitlyn is having a total of 3 parties... which means spending alot of money on food. I will be making cupcakes for her sleepover and think I will see if my mom will make her a cake for our family party.

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