Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Budget checkup

So this is my first month of trying my coupon/budget. I am also working on building a stockpile.

It is Jan 21 and so far I have spent $353.89. That is $153.89 over my attempt at $200. So maybe $200 was a little low for me to start with. I will try to stick to $300 from now on. The good thing is I have pretty much everything I need to get through the end of the month. Next month I will try the envelope method to see if I can stick to my budget.

My savings so far this month is $305.83. So I have cut my budget in half by the look of my savings. Now if only I just had that $300 to put in the bank. ;)


  1. I use an envelope with cash for our food budget and it works great. By seeing exactly how much cash is left, it helps me from making those impulse purchases. I look forward to following your journey throughout this year. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Sara! I hope to be able to put money in an envelope this coming month. We will see how it goes.