Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kroger visit 12/31

So I decided while I was off for Christmas break that I would drive to the closest Kroger and do some shopping. Closest one is a 30 min drive which wasn't bad. I left Will at Mom's and went by myself... very relaxing!

So I had a list of things I had coupons for that I wanted to get. I figured I could get a good deal with my coupons since Kroger doubles up to .50. SO I went in figuring I would spend $100 on groceries. I know that I have said I wanted to stay within $200 a month, but I am thinking that might not be feasible right now since I am needing to stock up on some things before I cut my budget.

So armed with my coupons and their sale paper... I went in. I ended up spending $104.65 total but saved $63.20 total. I was able to get my frozen meals that I eat at work for under $2 a meal, plus the yogurt I will be eating was .50 each and I had coupons for both of them. I ended up getting two frozen meals for free with my coupons and the yogurt ended up being .25 each.

so total for this trip was $104.65. I still need to buy meat and Soy milk. Piggly Wiggly is having a 3 day sale starting tomorrow on the meat and Mom and I are heading there tomorrow. Will needs his milk tonight so I will head out to Walmart later this evening once Don gets home from work to watch him (or go with me).

On a seperate note.... Happy New Years!!

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