Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shopping trip 12-28

I went to WAGS with my mom. Don had a prescription to refill... which I transferred to Walgreens with a coupon from the makers of Singulair that got me the script for free. I also had a coupon for a free $25 gift card with a transfer.

And thanks to Hot Coupon World and A Full Cup, I knew about a glitch with the cat machine in which the Robitussim/ Dimetapp was making $20 in Register rewards instead of the $10. Thanks ladies!

total transactions:

5 Robitussim at $4.00 each
5 Dimetapp at $4.00 each
2 Christmas light sets on sale $1.25 each
2 Always Infitity pads at $4.99 each
1 Tennessean newspaper .99 (which had three sets of the coupons YAY!)
4 Christmas tumblers on sale .06 each
1 Glade scented oil sets $3.99
1 Dawn dishwashing liquid $1.99

used coupons:
1 $2/1 Robitussim
2 $2/1 Dimetapp
3 $1/1 Dimetapp
4 $1/1 Robitussim
2 $1/1 Always infitity
1 .50/1 Dawn
1 $1 Wags coupon on Dawn (making it .99 before coupons)
1 $2.50/ 1 Glade scented oil set
1 $10 Register Reward from 1st transaction.

Total cost:
1st transaction: $13.85 gift card
2nd transaction: $5.33 cash
3rd transaction: $11.15 gift card and $7.46 cash

total OOP $12.79 cash

Total saved: $58.27

Recieved $30.00 in register rewards (spent $10.00)
Will recieve $1.10 in rebates

For a grand total of $8.31 to me in rebates/ rewards.

I already have plans for the register rewards for next week since they expire then... can't wait to see what I can do with them!

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